Racial Justice

For generations too many Black Iowans have faced social and economic challenges, along with unjust treatment. The time has come to take concrete actions to address the racial disparities in policing, housing, health care, education, employment, infrastructure and economic development, and so much more.

To start, we must protect voting rights. It’s long overdue for our state to restore voting rights to Iowans who have served their time — and in the U.S. Senate, Theresa will fight to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

We also need justice for Black Americans killed by police. Theresa stands with the leaders across our state calling for change. Black America has endured countless incidents of hate crimes and systemic racism, including here in Iowa, and they deserve justice. Theresa supports policing reforms that demand more transparency, while enacting racial bias and de-escalation training and a ban on chokeholds.

Theresa also strongly supports policies that tackle racial health disparities by expanding access to high quality, affordable health care. She supports creating new training tools so medical providers understand racial health disparities, including passing legislation like the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act.

Theresa believes we must also improve outcomes in education by making early investments in our children to work towards universal pre-K and requiring the Department of Education to return to carrying out civil rights research. Our children are our future; all of our children.

Additionally, as a businesswoman, Theresa prioritizes supporting Black business ownership by helping Iowans in every zip code achieve their American dream, as specifically noted in her “Small Towns, Bigger Paychecks” plan. Black business owners have long been denied the same opportunities as other entrepreneurs and are more likely to be denied a loan or to face more obstacles to getting the funding they need. For example, Black residents in Polk County were denied loans at a rate that is more than 2 times the county average. Let’s end discriminatory lending practices, invest more in local nonprofits and Community Development Financial Institutions, that provide low-interest loans for minority business owners, so that all Iowans have the opportunity to be a part of our small business community.

For Theresa, there’s always more to learn and more work to do, so please email info@GreenfieldforIowa.com to share your thoughts, experiences and suggestions.