If You’ve Made it Through the Week, Watch Greenfield’s New Ad “Beers” to Kick Off Happy Hour

Over an ice-cold beer, Greenfield pledges to be a Senator who will work with anyone to put Iowa first

Today, businesswoman Theresa Greenfield’s campaign for U.S. Senate is releasing a new ad, “Beers,” featuring a longtime Republican who is voting for Theresa, because “it’s time Washington started working for working people, not Wall Street.”

Watch “Beers” here:

The ad highlights Theresa’s commitment to working with anyone – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – to end the partisan gridlock in Washington and deliver results for Iowa families. Theresa hasn’t taken a dime of corporate PAC money and will always put Iowa first. 

When endorsing Theresa, the Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial Board noted, “Greenfield offers Iowans a chance to end an era of partisan rancor.” 

Senator Ernst promised to be different, but when she got to Washington she voted with Mitch McConnell and her party leaders 97% of the time – even when it hurts Iowans. She voted to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and for a massive tax giveaway to big corporations and billionaires, adding $2 trillion to the debt and threatening Social Security and Medicare.

“Putting aside the politics and working to put Iowa first is something we can all raise a glass to,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Theresa knows there’s trouble brewing in Washington after Senator Ernst spent six years siding with party leaders and her corporate PAC donors, including her vote for a tax giveaway whose biggest cuts flowed freely to the wealthiest and biggest corporations, while barley benefiting Iowa’s working families. Theresa has big plans on tap when it comes to fighting for hardworking Iowans, and as Iowa’s next U.S. Senator, she’ll roll up her sleeves and hop right in to get the job done.”