BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders FEC Enforcement Against Ernst’s Dark Money Group

Senator Ernst must come clean about illegally coordinating with dark money group set up by her own top aides, as exposed by AP investigation

Nonpartisan elections experts at the Campaign Legal Center today announced that a federal judge has ordered the FEC to take enforcement action against the dark money group set up by Senator Joni Ernst’s top political aides after the group got caught illegally coordinating with her campaign.

Senator Ernst has refused to answer basic questions about the scandal since a bombshell report from the Associated Press uncovered her illegal coordination with the dark money group late last year, prompting numerous independent watchdogs to file complaints over the illegal conduct.

As recently as this fall, Ernst was still working closely with the consultant at the center of the scandal. Earlier this year, the Daily Beast revealed how Ernst also attempted to shield her campaign payroll from Iowans, using shady tactics to make it “harder to detect if staffers are simultaneously working for the campaign’s dark money arm” and noting that “the shift happened to occur just as the new dark money group ramped up.”

Senator Ernst has also been forced to pay the largest FEC fine in Iowa history after getting caught taking prohibited contributions, including illegal contributions from corporations. 

“Less than three weeks before the election, a federal judge is ruling that Senator Ernst can no longer duck accountability for her illegal coordination with this shady group,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Iowans have had enough of Ernst’s corruption. It’s time for Ernst to come clean to Iowans about her entanglement in this illegal dark money scandal.”