Greenfield’s Momentum Continues to Grow as She Makes Numerous Stops in Western and Northern Iowa

With just three weeks until election day, businesswoman Theresa Greenfield continues to build grassroots momentum as she crisscrosses the state. In recent days, Theresa visited Emmet, Winnebago, Woodbury, and Crawford counties, highlighting her plans to expand opportunity for all Iowans, grow Iowa’s farm economy, and help Iowa get “Back On Our Feet.” See the highlights from Theresa’s recent stops throughout Iowa: 

Visiting Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville, where she studied, and Buffalo Center, where she started her family, Theresa touted her commitment to working with members of both parties to get real results for Iowans: 

  • Estherville News: Theresa Greenfield put on a Laker Pride mask to wear proudly while touring the SERT building and the Janice Lund Performing Arts Center on the campus of Iowa Lakes Community College Saturday… Greenfield said she would talk to anyone, work with anyone to get through the current tough times and build a great future for Iowa, and that she does not hide from conflict. “I’ll work with anyone to get a job done, to get a good idea done,” Greenfield said.
  • Iowa Public Radio: Greenfield embarked on a homecoming of sorts on Saturday as she visited stops in northwestern and north-central Iowa… Greenfield went to Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville and she got a tour from staff of the school’s Sustainable Energy Resources & Technologies facility. She visited a farm near Buffalo Center and also stopped by a Greenhouse and floral shop in Lake Mills.
  • Radio Iowa: Greenfield campaigned in northern Iowa this weekend, touring a farm near Buffalo Center and visiting with small groups at stops in Estherville and Lake Mills. “There’s a lot of excitement in this campaign,” Greenfield says. “…I stay focused on the basic issues. The things that really affect people’s lives, in places like this.”

In multiple stops throughout Woodbury and Crawford Counties, Theresa highlighted her plan to get Iowa “Back On Our Feet:”

  • KMEG: The Democratic candidate stopped at Hardline Coffee, speaking to small business owners about her new plan called “Back On Our Feet”, highlighting the need for more P.P.P. loans and assistance, not only for local businesses but for cities and communities as well to help them through the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Sioux City Journal: Saying health was on the minds of the people she’s been meeting, Greenfield said she will do everything she can to protect the Affordable Care Act, including keeping the coverage of preexisting conditions. The Supreme Court will also soon take up a case related to that federal health law, which Greenfield said gives her concerns it could be overturned.
  • KTIV: Greenfield said all three stops today were made as a part of her “Back On Our Feet” proposal which focuses on helping expand opportunities for Iowans. “I believe we need another round of expanded unemployment benefits, direct payments. We need emergency standards for every worker and business to open safely and work safely and do their part to minimize the spread of the virus,” said Greenfield. 
  • KCAU: “Been in the fourth district quite a bit, but the other thing that we’re doing is we’re making sure that we’re providing an opportunity to connect virtually, through tele-townhalls, you know, during this pandemic, people are staying home and as part of our campaign, we are focused on doing our very best to follow those public health guidelines.” said Greenfield.
  • KSCJ: Theresa Greenfield, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, made a campaign swing through Woodbury County Monday to discuss issues including her plan to help Iowans get “Back On Our Feet.” Greenfield says if elected, she will work with anybody in the senate to get things done for Iowa.

On Monday, Theresa ended the day by answering questions directly from folks in Western Iowa in a telephone town hall with State Auditor Rob Sand:

  • KTIV: Greenfield’s visit to Siouxland was followed by a tele-town hall meeting where she answered questions from voters in western Iowa.