New Greenfield Ad: “Gridlock”

Businesswoman Theresa Greenfield’s U.S. Senate campaign today released a new TV ad, “Gridlock,” highlighting Theresa’s commitment to working with anyone – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – to end the partisan gridlock in Washington and deliver results for Iowa families. 

Watch “Gridlock” here:

In the ad, Theresa discusses her experience as a community planner and businesswoman, where she worked with anyone to fix problems at the local level. In the U.S. Senate, Theresa will take that same approach to get results when it comes to passing a robust infrastructure plan, creating good-paying jobs by investing in skills training and debt-free community college, expanding access to affordable health and protecting hard-earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare.  

In contrast, Senator Ernst promised to be different, but when she got to Washington she voted with Mitch McConnell and her party leaders 97% of the time – even when it hurts Iowans. That includes votes to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and for a massive tax giveaway to big corporations and the wealthiest, adding $2 trillion to the debt and threatening Social Security and Medicare.

“In Washington, Theresa will be an independent voice fighting for Iowa’s hardworking families,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “As a community planner who worked with local governments and neighborhood groups, Theresa learned that when something like a pothole needs to be fixed – it isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue – it’s a job that needs to get done. While Senator Ernst puts partisan politics and her corporate donors first in Washington, Theresa will work with anyone to get results for Iowans, by setting politics aside and bringing people together.”