Heartland Hustle: Theresa Greenfield Holds Events Focused on Health Care, Calls on Ernst to Apologize to Health Care Workers

While Senator Ernst pushes COVID-19 conspiracy theories, businesswoman Theresa Greenfield spent the last week supporting health care workers, making several stops in Waterloo and calling for Senator Ernst to apologize to Iowa’s health care heroes. Theresa also answered questions at a virtual meet and greet focused on expanding access to mental health care, among other public events. 

Theresa spoke at the Polk County Steak Fry on Saturday night, calling on Senator Ernst to apologize to health care workers, saying, “I believe our health care workers are heroes and they deserve an apology.” 

“So Senator Ernst, tonight I am calling on you to apologize to our doctors, nurses and health care heroes in Iowa and across this country, who are putting their lives on the line to keep us safe during this pandemic.”  Watch HERE.

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Theresa spoke at Cedar Valley Focus on Diabetes in Waterloo on Saturday morning, to discuss the importance of accessible health care, especially during a public health crisis, and ending systemic barriers to health care. 

Watch Theresa speak at the event about listening to health care professionals, saying, “our health care professionals are working so hard, and I want them to know that I am grateful.” 

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While in Waterloo, Theresa also visited Los Reyes, a local restaurant that has faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, which is why Theresa called for Congress to pass more relief for Iowa’s communities and small businesses. 

Toured a home being built by WE Build Waterloo Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship program. In the U.S. Senate, Theresa will work to create more good-paying job opportunities across Iowa.

Earlier in the week, Theresa received the endorsement of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans at a virtual event. The Iowa Alliance is a nonpartisan advocacy organization that represents 30,000 Iowans, which is supporting Theresa for her personal commitment to protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for all Iowans, expanding access to affordable health care, and bringing down the cost of prescription drugs.

Held a virtual meet and greet on supporting and expanding mental health care with NAMI IOWA President Peggy Huppert, advocates Leslie and Scott Carpenter, Life Connections Peer Recovery Services Executive Director Todd Noack, and candidate for Iowa House Charles Clayton.