After Skipping Town for Weeks, Ernst Again Fails to Pass COVID-19 Relief Iowans Urgently Need

After skipping town for weeks without passing a phase-four stimulus package, Senator Joni Ernst today voted for a failed, hyperpartisan bill that didn’t come close to meeting the needs of hardworking Iowans. In response, businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield released the following statement:

“After spending the summer pointing fingers, saying the ‘bank is not open’ for more relief, and then skipping town without getting the job done, Senator Ernst today put her loyalty to Mitch McConnell and her corporate special interest donors first by voting for another partisan bill that didn’t even come close to getting Iowans the help they need. Senator Ernst’s plan had no direct payments for Iowans struggling to pay the bills, no additional aid for our state and local governments, not enough expanded unemployment benefits, no dedicated relief for our biofuels industry, and not enough accountability for taxpayers. It’s time for politicians in Washington to stop playing political games and pass the relief Iowans urgently need.”

Theresa has released twoplans to put Iowa first in the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and spent the last six weeks calling on Senator Ernst to stay in Washington to pass a phase-four stimulus package that gets hardworking Iowans the help they need and ensures the Post Office can keep delivering for Iowans.

During the pandemic, Senator Ernst voted against paid sick leave and for a corporate slush fund with “little oversight” to prevent corporations from laying off workers or spending taxpayer dollars on stock buybacks or executive bonuses. She recently earned widespread condemnation from health care professionals including the U.S. Surgeon General after she got caught promoting a dangerous and debunked conspiracy suggesting that medical professionals are inflating the number of people who have died from COVID-19 to seek higher reimbursement rates.