HEARTLAND HUSTLE: Ahead of Labor Day, Theresa Visits Meatpacking Plant, Calls for More COVID Relief and Support for USPS

Plus: Iowa Starting Line “sees double” in an exclusive twin-terview

While Senator Ernst faced severe local and national backlash from the medical community for pushing COVID-19 conspiracy theories, businesswoman Theresa Greenfield spent the week before Labor Day talking to workers and calling on Congress to get back to work to get Iowa’s working families the help they need.

Theresa also visited with workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic — including the meatpacking industry and the U.S. Postal Service — to discuss the urgent work that still needs to be done to protect working families, small businesses, and communities across Iowa.

Rounding out the week, Theresa and identical twin sister Maria made their on-screen debut together in a new ad and an interview with Iowa Starting Line. Read about the busy week here:

Theresa on WHO 13’s The Insiders: “We need a phase-four stimulus package.”

“It needs to include extended, expanded unemployment benefits, it needs more direct relief for our workers, we need to take a look at expanding the PPP program for our small businesses… our state and local governments need help, certainly our school districts, and frankly, our biofuel industry needs some dedicated resources also.”

Speaking up for more support for the Post Office with National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 512 President Tom Kinn:

  • Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: “‘You know, we’re just here today to talk a little bit about why it is so important that the U.S. Senate, and in particular Sen. Joni Ernst, get back to Washington and put politics aside and get to work to protect the Postal Service,’ Greenfield said during a virtual news conference. ‘Ernst, she skipped town, and she should be in Washington right now doing her job to pass this critical legislation and more,’ Greenfield said. ‘This really ticks me off, I have to tell you.’”
  • Iowa Feminist: “Greenfield said Iowans are already facing delays and uncertainty at the post office. She emphasized that it’s particularly important for the post office to be timely with its deliveries for small business owners and for people who receive their medications through the mail. She also mentioned that almost 80 percent of Iowans cast absentee ballots safely by mail during the 2020 primary… Yet, Greenfield said, Ernst left Washington nearly a month ago without approving a phase four stimulus plan during the middle of the pandemic.”

Meeting with UFCW members to discuss new workplace safety measures at JBS in Marshalltown:

  • Marshalltown Times Republican: “U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield wanted to see what JBS has done to improve conditions for workers… ‘It is wonderful to see JBS and UFCW come together in a positive way for their workers,’ Greenfield said. She hopes to see a state-wide mask mandate issued and an increased amount of support for health care workers.”

BONUS: Theresa and Maria talk twinning in exclusive Iowa Starting Line “twin-terview”

  • In an interview with Iowa Starting Line, Theresa and her identical twin Maria talked about growing up on the Greenfield farm, getting mixed up at family functions, looking out for one another during tough times, and what it was like to shoot an ad together (“hilarious”).
  • Asked about her twin sister’s momentum in Iowa’s must-watch U.S. Senate race, Maria said it best: “Theresa just as Theresa, people will fall in love with her… I don’t know how you could not.”