Greenfield Calls on Senate to Prioritize Iowa Workers, Small Businesses in Next Coronavirus Relief Package

Greenfield: “Ernst needs to get her priorities right and put hardworking Iowans first.”

As the U.S. Senate discusses the next round of coronavirus relief, businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield laid out her priorities for ensuring that hardworking Iowans are getting the support they need.

Previously, Theresa has released two plans addressing the coronavirus crisis in her series of “Jobs That Need to Get Done,” called for more support for state and local governments, and her new “Small Towns, Bigger Paychecks” economic plan begins with expanding access to coronavirus relief for small businesses across Iowa.

“It’s long past time the Senate got to work getting hardworking Iowans the relief they need,” said Theresa Greenfield. “Iowans can’t wait another day while politicians in Washington point fingers and drag their feet. The Senate needs to step up now and take urgent and long-overdue action to extend expanded unemployment insurance, provide direct payments to workers, expand paid sick leave for all workers, reinvest in the Paycheck Protection Program, and pass more funds to continue ramping up free COVID-19 testing for all those who need it.”

Greenfield continued: “We also need the Senate to pass more relief for our state and local governments that have been working to keep Iowans safe and provide essential services to our communities throughout these tough times. Washington needs to honor the first responders, public health workers, sanitation workers, and other frontline workers putting in long hours to keep us safe and healthy, by making sure they have the resources to continue doing their jobs safely. And now, with fall just around the corner, it’s even more critical that our schools have the support, the supplies, and the guidance of public health officials so that they can reopen safely without putting students, teachers, staff, or families at risk.

“Above all, we need Washington to lead with integrity and put support for our workers, our small businesses, and our communities ahead of more handouts for big corporations — all while requiring oversight and transparency for how we’re using taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, when Iowans most needed her fighting for us, Senator Ernst voted for an unaccountable half-trillion-dollar corporate bailout and against paid sick leave for Iowa workers. This time, Ernst needs to get her priorities right and put hardworking Iowans first.”