Senator Ernst Still Silent After Theresa Greenfield Leads Call for Wheeler to Resign from EPA

Theresa on Monday: “Iowa’s farm communities and biofuel producers deserve answers for why Senator Ernst voted for a fossil fuel lobbyist to run the EPA in the first place.”

Days after businesswoman Theresa Greenfield called on EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to step down following news that the EPA is considering 52 new renewable fuel standard waivers, Senator Joni Ernst has yet to follow through on her so-far empty threat to call for Wheeler’s resignation.


“Greenfield calls out Ernst for supporting a so-called fossil fuel lobbyist”

Senator Ernst, who has taken massive contributions from Big Oil, voted to confirm Wheeler, a former fossil fuel lobbyist who during his confirmation process made “explicit promises” to continue granting these waivers that benefit oil refiners at the expense of Iowa farmers and biofuels producers. Ernst later tried to run from her record of support for Wheeler by threatening to call for his firing if he failed to stand up for Iowa farmers.

Now, Ernst is silent — even as Iowa farmers face unprecedented hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, haphazard trade policies, and the last 85 RFS waivers granted by EPA leaders Ernst voted to confirm.

“Senator Ernst is staying silent as reckless EPA policies – pushed by the lobbyist she voted to confirm – threaten to worsen the pain for Iowa farmers who are already struggling,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Ernst should put the needs of hardworking Iowa farmers ahead of the interests of her Big Oil donors, and follow Theresa’s lead by calling for Andrew Wheeler to step down immediately.”

While Senator Ernst has taken millions from corporate PACs and Big Oil, and voted with them at the expense of Iowa’s farmers and biofuels producers, Theresa isn’t taking one dime of corporate PAC money and will always put Iowa first.

Listen to Theresa’s new ad calling out Ernst’s failure to fight for Iowa’s farmers in Washington HERE.

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