Greenfield Will Debate Ernst, Who Is Increasingly On Defense for Failing to Put Iowans First

New York Times’ Trip Gabriel: “This is Ernst’s acknowledgment she is trailing Greenfield.” 

Iowa Starting Line: “…a move that typically candidates in a losing position do.”

The Greenfield for Iowa campaign issued the following statement on Senator Ernst’s desperate social media video on general election debates: 

“After a new poll showing her trailing, Senator Ernst continues to follow Mitch McConnell’s desperate playbook for other failing Senators around the country,” said Greenfield for Iowa Communications Director Sam Newton. “Of course, Theresa looks forward to debates this fall – just like how she participated in three televised debates and six public forums in the primary. While we’re currently accepting invitations from media partners, Ernst doesn’t need to wait to explain why she is enabling the anti-ACA lawsuit that would dismantle Medicaid expansion or refuses to answer for her ongoing dark money scandal.”

New York Times’ Trip Gabriel, who just profiled why Iowa’s U.S. Senate race is a top national battleground, said: “This is Ernst’s acknowledgment she is trailing Greenfield.” 

National Journal panned how similarly vulnerable Republican U.S. Senators in states like North Carolina and Colorado followed the same desperate playbook, writing: “Candidates in a strong position don’t usually push opponents to meet them for debates.

Iowa Starting Line wrote how this shows Ernst is “running scared,” calling it a “move that typically candidates in a losing position do… Ernst’s 2014 campaign was praised for its creativity and boldness. This one feels like it’s being phoned in.” 

Iowa blogger Laura Belin added that Ernst has “never parted ways with Leader McConnell on any significant vote or issue.”

In addition to postponing in-person events, the Greenfield for Iowa campaign is taking precautions by having all staff work remotely and encouraging social distancing practices at all times. For more information on Iowa’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website.