Greenfield Campaign Releases New Ad Touting “Best of Iowa” During COVID-19

In refusing corporate PAC donations, Theresa pledges to be a “senator who works for Iowa”

Businesswoman Theresa Greenfield’s U.S. Senate campaign today released a new ad, highlighting the frontline workers who have represented the best of Iowa during the coronavirus pandemic, and pledging to put hardworking Iowans first in Washington.

Watch the new ad here:

Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Theresa has called for a federal response that puts Iowa’s workers and small businesses first – releasing two plans calling for more PPE and worker protections, more support for small businesses, and greater transparency and accountability for how taxpayer dollars are being used.

Senator Joni Ernst, meanwhile, voted twice against paid sick leave for Iowa workers, and voted for a secretive $500 billion slush fund that could have allowed big corporations to pay out big bonuses to executives while leaving workers behind.

“Iowans deserve leaders who will stand up to the corporate special interests and fight to put them first. That’s exactly what Theresa is doing – consistently calling for more accountability and stronger protections for our frontline workers,” said Greenfield for Iowa spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Unlike Senator Ernst, who sided with her corporate PAC donors to back policies that would boost big business and leave hardworking Iowans behind, Theresa isn’t accepting one dime of corporate PAC money. Iowa’s working families can trust Theresa to make sure they aren’t paying the price for Washington’s corruption.”


During this crisis, we’ve seen the best of Iowa.

But we’ve also seen the worst of Washington.

The lobbyists swooped in, and politicians voted to bailout their big corporate donors.

Workers and small business got the short end of the stick – again.

I’m Theresa Greenfield, and I don’t take corporate PAC money, because I don’t think politicians should put corporate interests ahead of you.

I approve this message because we need a senator who works for Iowa.