NEW: Des Moines Register: “Joni Ernst’s approval rating slips as she mounts re-election campaign”

Theresa Greenfield for Iowa campaign manager Jordanna Zeigler released the following statement in response to the new Iowa Poll showing that Senator Joni Ernst’s approval rating has fallen by double digits in the past year:

“Today’s poll is more proof that Iowans are tired of paying the price for Senator Ernst’s votes with Mitch McConnell and her corporate PAC donors. Iowans know that on the issues they worry about every day — from protecting people with pre-existing conditions, to defending Social Security and Medicare, to supporting Iowa farmers struggling to get by — Senator Ernst has sided with corporate special interests at their expense. They’re ready to elect a strong leader like Theresa Greenfield, who will never forget who she’s fighting for in Washington. Polling has already shown that Senator Ernst is among the three most unpopular senators in the country, and as Ernst’s approval continues to sink, Theresa is building the grassroots momentum to flip this seat and always put Iowans first.”

Today’s poll follows Morning Consult polling showing Senator Ernst to be the third most unpopular senator in the country, and a Public Policy Poll that shows that when voters hear about Senator Ernst’s illegal coordination with a dark money group, her support drops to 40% with Theresa Greenfield taking a five-point lead. Meanwhile, Theresa continues to build momentum, breaking Iowa’s off-year fundraising record for a Senate challenger in the fourth quarter of 2019 and outraising Senator Ernst in the second half of the year, with 9,000 contributions from Iowans in all 99 counties and without accepting a dime of corporate PAC money. Just this week, she qualified for the ballot with more than 20,000 signatures from every county in Iowa.