Senator Ernst “Not Saying” Whether She Supports Lawsuit to End Pre-Existing Conditions Protections for Iowans

After voting repeatedly to gut Iowans’ health care protections, Ernst “not saying” whether she supports lawsuit to end pre-existing conditions protections & Medicaid expansion

Days after the Supreme Court announced it will hear the federal lawsuit that could send health care costs soaring, shutter rural hospitals, and end pre-existing conditions protections for hundreds of thousands of Iowans, Senator Joni Ernst is refusing to say whether she supports this reckless lawsuit. 

Senator Ernst already cowrote a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement and helped pass the corporate tax giveaway that opened the door to this attack on health care for her constituents. But when she was asked about it by The Hill this week, Ernst said, I’m not saying whether I support it or not. It’s in the hands of the Supreme Court now, so we’ll see.”

Senator Ernst once bragged, “I actually have the courage” to tear down health care protections for hundreds of thousands of Iowans, and she has voted repeatedly with Mitch McConnell to gut those health care protections Iowans rely on. Now, facing an increasingly tough re-election challenge from “Democratic frontrunner” Theresa Greenfield, Ernst is refusing to answer questions about her toxic anti-health care votes while the dark money group set up by her top political aides attempts to rewrite her record of voting against protections for Iowans with pre-existing conditions.

“There’s no ‘we’ll see’ about where Senator Ernst stands on these attacks on the health care protections Iowans depend on – she’s already made that clear by voting again and again to eliminate our protections for pre-existing conditions, end Medicaid expansion, and devastate rural hospitals,” said businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield. “Senator Ernst’s refusal to answer basic questions about this dangerous lawsuit is just more proof she’s become a part of the problem in Washington. We need a new Senator who puts Iowa first by fighting to expand and lower the cost of health care for all of us.”