Senator Ernst Continues Touting Harmful Plan to Raid Social Security

Nonpartisan experts and even Republicans and conservatives say Ernst’s plan would hurt Social Security

Des Moines, IA — In an interview last week, Senator Joni Ernst continued to tout her plan to gut Social Security benefits for political cover, claiming her sham “paid leave” (paid for by asking Iowans to borrow against their own retirement) plan would not hurt Social Security. But experts disagree sharply. And the political opposition isn’t just coming from Democrats – even Ernst’s Republican Senate colleagues and a major right-wing group aren’t buying this reckless and harmful plan.

Ernst’s fellow Republican Senator Deb Fischer has described Ernst’s bill as “raiding” Social Security, and the conservative Heritage Foundation recently opposed the bill for setting a dangerous precedent of opening up Social Security to purposes other than retirement security.

“Instead of supporting a paid leave plan that gives hardworking Iowans more economic security, Senator Ernst is in Washington pushing a harmful proposal that would cause families to raid their own Social Security benefits to take time off of work to care for their babies,” said U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield. “Nonpartisan experts and even some Republicans agree that Senator Ernst’s proposal would be a disaster for Social Security and bad news for older Iowans trying to retire with dignity, and we’re going to hold her accountable for her out-of-touch record.”

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